Here are all my projects, sorted by date. Let me know what you think!

If you want to contribute to any of them or start a new one together, just contact me.

The Shisher – A Renzi English Player

March 2015

Link | RollingStone Article (italian) | Vice Article (italian) | Source code

My first experiment with Javascript, gained quite a bit of attention. You can remix the English of the Italian Prime Minister (video) over some funny background music! Will improve the code as I learn more.


A screenshot of The Shisher.


HDC1000 Breakout + Libraries

February 2015

Blog post | Design files | PCBs | Arduino library | NodeMCU module | OpenHAB integration

Simple breakout board for TI’s HDC1000 temperature and humidity sensor. Developed libraries for both Arduino and NodeMCU (ESP8266). DRDYn feature supported for accurate requests timing.

HDC1000 Breakout Board.

HDC1000 Breakout Board.


LSF0204 Voltage Converter Breakout

February 2015

Blog post | Design files | PCBs

I needed a fast and reliable voltage level converter so I built this simple breakout board. Translates up to 4 signals to and from a lot of voltages.

Fully assembled board.

LSF0204 Breakout Board.


High Power RGB LED Driver

December 2014

Blog post Design files PCBs

A LED driver built just for fun, similar to Sparkfun’s PicoBuck. It powered my 3W and 10W RGB LEDs in some IoT experiments.

High-Power RGB LED Driver (sorry for the poor soldering)

High-Power RGB LED Driver (sorry for the poor soldering).


ATX Breakout Board

November 2014

Blog post July 2015 revisionDesign files |

My first design, and maybe my favorite. It’s an ATX breakout board with 2 fast-charging USB ports (for both Apple and Android devices) and an LM317 voltage regulator. Similar to the Dangerous Prototypes’.

I only made 10 of them, most of which were given away in online forums or reddit. Will probably print another, improved version. The latest files have thicker traces and resistors for USB negotiation (in addition to the TPS2513).

ATX Breakout Board.

ATX Breakout Board.

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    • Hello Jerome,

      I’m happy that you like my board!

      I’ve printed 20x PCBs (of the newer version, info here: and they should reach me in a couple of weeks. Shipping from China to Italy is unbelievably slow!

      I will put them up for sale here and on Tindie, but the demand looks high so I don’t know how long they will last. I will definitely print another, larger batch after testing the newer revision.


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